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The CIMA® Professional Qualification (PQ) is now the CGMA® Professional Qualification

The CIMA® Professional Qualification (PQ) is now the CGMA® Professional Qualification. Andrew Harding, FCMA, CGMA and Chief Executive Management Accounting describes the move as ‘opening doors to new opportunities’.

The CGMA syllabus will remain identical to the syllabus of CIMA’s Professional Qualification. Crucially, the CGMA designation remains a CIMA qualification.

Harding reassures CGMA candidates studying with CIMA that the CGMA PQ will retain CIMA’s established reputation with employers.

‘As record numbers of professionals embark on their CGMA journey with CIMA, they’ll have the added reassurance that their CGMA designation will remain valued by employers worldwide’, Harding stated.

CIMA is synonymous with excellence; the CGMA PQ is no different.

By incorporating CGMA in the professional qualification, the CGMA PQ will maintain its significance with employers and the academic community, signifying that CIMA is an ever-growing membership body that protects the public interest and upholds the integrity of the profession.

Where the CGMA designation can lead

The CGMA designation deserves to be seen, not just heard and, rest assured, we will notify employers of the name change. Further, you can trust that the same in-depth learning resources will stay in the CGMA syllabus, meaning you will have:

  • Continued access to high-quality resources.
  • The same expert guidance from accounting and finance professionals.
  • Insights into business models and best practices.
  • A Global Career Hub with over 12,000 opportunities (updated weekly).

CGMA candidates qualify for the designation through rigorous education, exams and practical experience. This tradition will not change — nor will CIMA!

The CGMA PQ offers exciting employment opportunities that will place you at the forefront of the accounting and finance profession. Many CIMA members have become prominent leaders for transformative companies across the globe.

Businesses rely on soon-to-be CGMA designation holders such as yourselves to solve critical problems and communicate business decisions in the exemplary manner expected of a business leader.

With a professional network spanning 196 countries and territories, the career opportunities for CGMA designation holders are vast.

The value and recognition of the CGMA designation remain. In fact, it’s only getting stronger.

You can learn more about the name change by visiting our dedicated FAQs page.