Comment on 2019 GCSE results

Andrew Harding, Chief Executive — Management Accounting, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

 22 August 2019, London  “Today is a great day for all pupils who have achieved the results they hoped for. But, we can’t ignore the reality that our current education system is failing to fully prepare students for the world of work. Our research shows that 36% of workers don’t feel they have all the skills they need to do their jobs effectively in the next five years. This figure will only increase if we don’t change our approach to learning new skills and competencies. In the past, we largely dedicated ourselves to passing exams and forged a career based on those results. Now, we must recognise the value in non-traditional routes like Apprenticeships, which offer a real opportunity to fix the UK’s productivity problem. As, by design, they inherently link learning and working which helps students develop a growth mind-set and prepares them for the world of work.”

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