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CFO Program

Enhance your professional standing

Leap forward to a global designation. The CFO Program will help you stay at the cutting edge of your profession. It will complement your experience and put you on a fast track to gaining the globally trusted and highly valued CGMA designation.

CGMA is the most widely held management accounting designation in the world. It distinguishes more than 150,000 accounting and finance professionals who have advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy and management.

Under this fast track program, candidates will only take the Strategic Case Study exam of the CIMA qualification and completion of the exam will allow direct entry to CIMA membership and awarding of the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

Ahead of sitting the exam, candidates will attend preparatory classes at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

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This program is open to:

  • CFOs, CEOs and senior management who have previously worked in finance,
  • Candidates who hold membership of a recognised professional accounting body, a finance related degree or an MBA/Masters in Accounting,
  • With at least 10 years experience in finance or business functions.

Conditions for acceptance into the program

Applicants must submit a detailed CV which includes:

  • personal details
  • academic qualifications
  • detailed work experience

CIMA will review the CV and assess for both eligibility into the program and confirmation of practical experience.

The CIMA exam must be attempted within 12 months upon registration with CIMA.

This program is available for a one off fee: EUR 9 500 (excluding VAT) *

which includes:

  • Registration fee 
  • Comprehensive face-to-face preparatory course comprised of: pre-course work, individual pre- and post-course consultations with the tutor, 7-day face-to-face revision and case study course, revision mock
  • Fee for CIMA Strategic Case Study exam
  • Membership application fee

*fees are subject to change

1st edition

  • Application deadline: 12 August 2022

  • Pre-course homework deadline: 4 September 2022
  • Individual meetings: 10-11 September and 12 September - 8 October 2022


  1. 9 - 12 October 2022
  2. 03 - 05 November 2022
  • Mock exam deadline: 12 November 2022 and 19 November 2022
  • Individual meetings: 14 November and 21-24 November 2022
  • Exam dates: 23-25 November 2022
  • Exam results: TBC

Tutor: Mr. David Harris

David Harris is a highly experienced CIMA Case Study tutor, with a global reputation. He has delivered Strategic Case Study (and its predecessors) since 1999. David is also an experienced Management Consultant, specialising in Strategy, Risk and Futurology. He has a wealth of practical experience that he uses to ‘bring subjects to life’.

Between 2018 and 2020, David provided CIMA programmes for VRC in NL. Many delegates were Nyenrode alumni, and all were RCs. Reviews and pass rates were excellent.

Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University offers degree and executive education courses in business, management, accountancy, controlling and tax law, and also conducts research in these fields. Our learning philosophy is: "less teaching, more learning & development".

Thanks to the combination of academic theory, practical relevance and personal development, you create sustainable added value for yourself, your organization and for society. Our education is structured on the basis of the core values Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship.

Nyenrode listens to your dreams, ambitions, needs and uncertainties. We challenge you to push boundaries and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.


Your journey to success

  1. Submit your detailed CV
  2. CIMA admits you into the program
  3. Attend comprehensive face-to-face preparatory course
  4. Take the Strategic Case Study exam
  5. Apply for CIMA membership
  6. AWARD: CGMA Designation & CIMA Membership

How to apply?

To apply for this program or find out your eligibility please send a copy of your detailed CV to: