The 8 most-read CIMA Insights blogs of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we look back at our most-read blog posts for insight into what’s most important to you, our faithful readers. 

The stories that captivated CIMA Insights readers in 2019 run the gamut from Microsoft Excel hacks to ways you can earn CPD for free.

Here are our 8 most popular blog posts of the year:

Six Excel hacks to become a spreadsheet pro

17 October 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager — Branded Content Strategy

Many people are comfortable with Excel but few master every intricate shortcut and feature. Become the office Excel guru in no time with these six Excel hacks.


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12 podcasts you should listen to this summer

13 June 2019

By Sarah Freytag-Traut, Lead Manager – Communications and Campaigns

Never listened to a podcast or looking for inspiration for your next binge-listening session? Here are some of our top recommendations.

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8 ways you can earn CPD for free 

20 August 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager — Branded Content Strategy 

We’ve sourced a suite of online and offline resources that will help you meet your CPD requirements … free! Tip: this blog counts, too.


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Be prepared for your CIMA exams

30 July 2019

By Rebecca McCaffry CPFA, FCMA, CGMA, Associate Technical Director - Management Accounting 

A study plan, tackling the tough subjects and feedback are the recipe for success, says a fellow CIMA student.


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What's on your reading list?

23 July 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager - Branded Content and Channels 

As holiday reading has become a competitive sport, start thinking about what’s on your summer reading list this year.

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Skills to help you ace any job interview  

27 August 2019

By Mballa Mendouga, Communications — Manager, Corporation Social Responsibility & Campaigns 

Master these four human intelligence skills to help you win over any interviewer.


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Is procrastination always bad?

7 August 2019

By Laura Gallo, Applied Neuroscience PG Dip 

Struggling with procrastination? Find out if you are you an active or passive procrastinator and how to retrain yourself in two simple ways.


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How to be a better strategic business partner

23 April 2019

By Gillian Lees, Senior Director, Research & Development

Demands for providing strategic advice and guidance are rising requirements for management accountants in the digital age. So how can reading corporate stories help?

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