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6 resources to grow your cybersecurity IQ

By Colette Sharbaugh, Senior Manager, Communications and Public Relations; Mballa Mendouga, Communications — Manager, Corporation Social Responsibility & Campaigns; and Jesse Bullington, Communications — Copywriter, Brand & Creative Solutions

It’s been an interesting month for Home Group, one of the UK’s major housing associations. Home Group is responsible for renting homes to more than 116,000 people across 55,000 properties in England and Scotland. Just last month, the charity suffered a data breach involving customer names, addresses and contact information. The company informed affected customers and mitigated the breach in just 90 minutes — a feat only a vigorous cybersecurity program made possible.

Although no financial data was compromised, this breach is another reminder that no organisation is immune to cyberattacks. At the same time, it emphasizes the great opportunity for management accountants and other accounting and finance professionals to own the cybersecurity risk management space.

Finance professionals are recognised as trusted advisers and experts in risk management. That trust and expertise enable the profession to take a leadership role in overseeing systems, controls and policies that could expose their clients or organisations to cyber threats. Whether you already have a deep knowledge of cybersecurity and just need a refresher or you’re a cybersecurity novice, CIMA has a vast range of resources to support you. 

Leverage these six cybersecurity resources to grow your knowledge and help protect your organisation from the next breach:

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