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12 podcasts you should listen to this summer

By Sarah Freytag-Traut, Lead Manager – Communications and Campaigns

Taking a summer holiday and looking for your next great read? Why not consider swapping that book for a great listen. Podcasts are an easy (and free) way to immerse yourself in a great story, get caught up on the latest news or even learn something new. The best part? You can listen to a podcast anywhere, making your packing, the long car drive or even the dreaded the security line at the airport, a little more pleasurable.

Don’t know where to start with or want to spice your podcast list up? Here are some of our top recommendations: 


What? Hosted by American journalist Sarah Koenig, this award-winning investigative podcast tells one true crime story over the course of each season, taking the audience through many surprising twists and turns to the end of the story. In its first series released in 2014, Serial notably followed the case of Adnan Syed, who was convicted in 2000 of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in Baltimore.
How long? 40 minutes
When? Weekly

Give me strength with Alice Liveing 

What? Bestselling author, personal trainer and fitness influencer, Alice Liveing chats to extraordinary women – from Asma Elbadawi, renowned basketball player and coach to mental health campaigner, journalist and bestselling author Bryony Gordon – about the importance of developing resilience to be happier and lead more fulfilling lives.
How long? 40 minutes
When? Weekly

Go Beyond Disruption

What? From the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (CIMA & AICPA), this podcast helps finance and accounting professionals stay ahead of the curve. Practitioners and thought-leaders share expert insights on the issues and trends that are affecting the accounting profession including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and organisational transformation.
How long? 20-40 minutes 
When? Weekly


What? S-Town is another hit investigative journalism podcast created by the producers of Serial. Host and co-creator Brian Reed follows the peculiar life of John McLemore and a murder he alleges happened in his Alabama hometown. Designed like a novel, S-Town portrays one man’s deeply personal and enigmatic story in the style of public radio. 
How long? 45-60 minutes
When? Season 1 released in March 2017.

The Daily Boost | Coaching You Need. Success You Deserve.

What? Are you feeling stuck and unmotivated? Coach and speaker Scott Smith shares tips and personal development strategies to find clarity and create your plan. In just a few minutes, you can learn how to believe in yourself a little more, reduce stress and stay focused to get what you want in life. 
How long? 9 minutes
When? Daily (Monday-Friday)

How I Built This

What? In each episode radio host and journalist, Guy Raz talks to entrepreneurs who built some of the world’s best-known brands – from Whitney Wolfe, founder of the dating app Bumble to Jerry Murrell, founder of the American restaurant chain Five Guys. Together, they dive into the ups and downs of making your dream a reality.
How long? 30 minutes
When? Weekly

Stuff You Should Know

What? Get to the bottom of odd questions like “how do trampolines work” or “could there be a Loch Ness monster?” with Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, both writers for the website HowStuffWorks. Expect to learn a little about a lot of things! 
How long? 20-60 minutes 
When? Tri-weekly 

Simple pleasures – Ottolenghi

What? Israeli-English chef, restaurant owner and food writer Yotam Ottolenghi discusses food, culture, travel and other simple pleasures life has to offer while cooking for his famous guests such as bestselling food writer Nigella Lawson. 
How long? 40-60 minutes 
When? Season 1 released in autumn 2018. 


What? Hosted by an anonymous Australian man, this true crime podcast looks at solved or cold criminal cases across the globe with a particular interest for Australian, UK and US stories. The podcast expertly walks us through the investigation, sometimes through to the trial or potential theories for crimes that remain unsolved. 
How long? 60-90 minutes 
When? Weekly

Eat Sleep Work Repeat – Make Work Better 

What? Bruce Daisley, VP – EMEA at Twitter and host of Eat Sleep Work Repeat, chats to scientists and experts about happiness at work and workplace culture. Together, they explore how we can make our jobs more fulfilling, productive and enjoyable.
How long? 25-60 minutes
When? Weekly

BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time

What? English broadcaster, author and parliamentarian Melvyn Bragg and three guests bring us on a knowledge quest as they investigate a range of topics from history and philosophy to science.
How long? 45 minutes
When? Weekly

FM (Financial Management)

What? The journalists at Financial Management (FM) magazine invite executives and thought leaders to discuss the latest news and trends in management accounting. Topics include governance, performance management technology and leadership.
How long? 10-30 minutes
When? Bi-weekly