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CIMA professional development is the continuing professional development scheme for CIMA members; it supports you in your career by helping you identify your future learning needs.

To find out about the CPD requirements for CIMA members review our CPD guide:

Why is CPD so important?

A fundamental shift is underway. Professionals across all industries are recognising the need to embrace a mindset of ‘lifelong learning’ to cope with increasingly complex business landscapes. The shift in skills needed to perform is so dynamic, we are all well advised to ‘learn, unlearn and relearn’ to keep up to date.

Change is the new constant

With the rate of change in the finance profession accelerated by digital disruption, continuing your professional development is critical to remaining relevant and meeting the evolving demands of business. CPD will ensure you are highly qualified with the right skills to support your organisation's growth, a leader of the profession, resilient, adaptable and employable.  

Who has to do it?

All CIMA members and CGMA designation holders are required to undertake CPD and keep a record of their development activities. See regulations Part I, 13-18 of the royal charter, byelaws and regulations for more information. If you are retired or on a career break it may be possible to apply for an exemption. Please contact us for guidance.

How much do I need to do?

CIMA doesn’t prescribe numbers of hours or units, we simply ask that you do as much as you need to remain professionally competent and meet your career goals.

CPD requirements

How do I record my CPD?

All CIMA members are required to keep a record of their professional development activity. This can be recorded on the Competency and Learning website or via our accredited employer scheme.

Record your CPD

Have a question?

For more information on CIMA's CPD policy please reach out to our Global Engagement Centre: