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Businesses operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. CGMAs are trusted finance professionals with the skills needed to meet global business needs. They help businesses by identifying opportunities to preserve and create value for shareholders and wider stakeholders, while proactively managing costs and risks. Ultimately, they are trusted to guide critical business decisions and drive strong business performance.

The benefits of a CGMA

CGMAs build on financial accounting, adding value through their understanding of how the different parts of a business come together. They take a strategic perspective, looking outside the organisation and to the future. They manage performance, challenge constructively and provide an objective view informed by their ethical standards.

With their business insight, CGMAs can translate complex information and communicate it effectively. They enable their organisations to act entrepreneurially – to solve problems, take the right decisions, fund them properly and implement them successfully.

CGMA professionals are business strategists who can link the board’s objectives and the rest of your organisation, guiding critical business decisions and creating sustainable business success. They embody adaptability, mobility and leadership. They are true business leaders who bring incisive thinking to your leadership team.

CGMA professionals are bringing value to organisations throughout the world. Find out more about how the CGMA community around the world in different industries and functions are achieving global business success.

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The danger of complacency is always a risk. Falling back to traditional modes of behaviour is something which executives have to consistently be conscious not to allow. Management accountants, with their focus on forward-thinking and sustainable business, are therefore vital.

Simon Henry,
CFO, Royal Dutch Shell plc

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